Yes, you’re vocal now, but the residents of the other areas that are prioritized were vocal 20 years ago when the mid-city residents instead decided to pass legislature AGAINST rail development. This measure would increase revenue to bolster city services. Trew Knowledge. •The new funding plan would also be used to build projects faster than they would under the Measure R timeline. I just think that’s a recipe for disaster.”. In the end, the best road is the railroad! Debacle? Measure J would set aside 10% of locally-generated unrestricted money in LA County's budget — to be spent on alternatives to incarceration. “It’s a blank obligation. This will be a no vote from me, and I hope from most people in the San Fernando Valley. This will be a good opportunity for Southern Californians to determine if they really want to commit full speed ahead to transit or not. After experiencing the debacle that is the “Unicorn” Metro to Santa Monica. Measure D Pros & Cons. It is the Metro Board that makes 710 toll tunnel policy. All on the Westside eh ? Pros of general-purpose infrared thermometer: No-contact option is safer; Take quick measurements; Can measure a wide range of temperatures; Cons of general-purpose infrared thermometer: politics. Without careful management, the negatives of performance measurement are more likely to be experienced. The ballot measure asks county voters to raise the countywide sales tax by a half-cent and to continue the existing Measure R half-cent sales tax in perpetuity or until voters decide to end the taxes. by Johnny Kasalika. It is excellent for compiling, organizing, reviewing, and marking up documents. The measure would change rules in order to make more state money available to poorer districts and make health- and life-safety-related renovation projects the highest priority for funding. Happy Father’s Day! There are many without enough income and who are still in recession mode yet Metro wants to raise taxes on everyone–including for a new freeway in the desert! With the projected growth over the next decade or two, the traffic will be a nightmare of gargantuan proportions. What happened to the long proposed Burbank/Glendale to Union Station light rail and why wasn’t it included in this updated Long Range Transit Plan, the EIS was completed back in 1994 and this line was never built. And Caltrain’s relatively wealthy ridership 12 makes a regressive tax even less desirable as a funding mechanism. Pros and Cons. SHARE. The pros of this type are the same as the cons of probe thermometers: they can measure those objects that cannot be measured using direct contact. SHARE. We understand that BRT is popular with Metro because of diminished costs, but both of these projects will likely attract huge ridership along the lines of the Orange Line BRT, which maxed out capacity two years after launch. The top three tools include: Tape Measure; Laser Measuring Device; Wheel Measure; Let’s review each one individually—simply click on the image for further details. Parsing the pros and cons of Measure 97 means work for voters (Opinion) Updated Jan 09, 2019; Posted Aug 09, 2016 . Prop 25: California Measure's Pros And Cons - Across California, CA - Proposition 25 is a referendum on a new state law that eliminates the cash bail bond system in California. We’ve dealt with too many deadly blows due to politics. Twitter Share. Pros and Cons of Using the Scale to Measure Weight Loss By Contributing Author on April 23, 2012 @hivehealthmedia. Also have the blue line extended to San Pedro or have more development near the blue line stations. ... but you might not be aware of how they really work and the pros and cons of each method. (OKRs are Objectives and Key Results.) Strategy and Company Growth Explore how to craft a robust and actionable strategy for the future. Some other things worth knowing for voters: •The new ballot measure would add money to projects previously approved as part of Measure R in 2008. The initial spending plan released in March was followed by 12 community meetings and 14 Telephone Town Halls organized by Metro; agency staff also attended and/or spoke at 84 other meetings with cities and stakeholders. Setting up the transition to Mike Brown’s presentation, Ebenstein took a jab at the former county boss. Here are some random thoughts on Measure A, which would require a vote of the entire county when an amendment is proposed to the General Plan. Categories. The I-710 is a project that cannot wait any longer. Metro might well fund “studies” on the 710 toll tunnel thru its Graphic Arts Dept. “I once slept in one of these cells. I believe the new Metro budget calls for further study of the 710 North project–where will those funds come from or is this a slight-of-hand act? I built prisons for Measure 11 offenders. Savings on labor would open up loads of funds for additional capital, operations, and maintenance projects. A much bigger impact than in a place as big as L.A. Maybe federal money should go there and to other cities that need it ? Weighing on yourself on a scale is an easy way to track progress and notice changes. Metro has been delaying the East San Fernando EIR, and even with this new revised report, Metro will continue to delay. Measure 'J' pros and cons debated (10/3) By Whitney Youngs; Oct 3, 2002 Oct 3, 2002 ... "I'm very passionate about this measure, and what it will do for our schools and our community. Just how obligated is the Metro Board to follow thru in good faith with the pronouncements it makes to the public concerning the sales tax increase and the related questions on the table? All we can predict for sure is that the tax will at least cover Metro’s payroll and pensions for the next 50 years (or until the tax proponents are safely in their graves). It is not included at this time — unless the Metro Board chooses to add the project to the spending plan and LRTP. Measure D is a sales tax that will fund partially the county’s transportation needs for the next 30 years. Can you help explain how “definite” the proposed plan is? Measure A: pros and cons. As Phil said at the media briefing today, there will be no funding whatsoever for the SR 710 North project in this ballot measure. By Robert Speer Read 1 reader submitted comment. Despite the conspiracy theorists who believe spending will go elsewhere, following this plan is a great starting point. Personally, I think there need to be more highway projects, using toll money to support operating costs, but if we want transit, including gap fillers like Crenshaw North and the South Bay Green Line Extension, this is the one to do it. LOS ANGELES — The inside of a prison cell is hauntingly familiar to 22-year-old Jared, known as King Jaybo. Site by “The primary problem is the zero-to-60 [miles per hour] in one year that Measure M proposes,” Ebenstein said. Prop 19: California Measure's Pros And Cons LOS ANGELES, CA — California voters will tackle two constitutional amendments that could dramatically change how property taxes are paid. Geis continued, saying that he wasn’t sure if Measure M was even constitutional, to which Brown replied, “Frankly, I hadn’t thought about whether it was constitutional.” Brown continued, “I just think the board could use some help from the public on this.”, Two More Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office Staff, Five More Inmates Test Positive for COVID-19, Seventh Lompoc Inmate Dies in Nine Months, Embattled Santa Barbara Unified Teacher Stripped of Credential, Santa Barbara Shortchanged of COVID-19 Relief Funds, Vaccinations for 65+ Are Right Around the Corner, COVID In Santa Barbara: Scary Numbers, Long Lines, COVID Hits Record Highs in Santa Barbara County, By the Numbers: Santa Barbara’s Third and Worst COVID-19 Wave, Virtual Author Discussion with Gretel Ehrlich, VISIONS OF HOPE: Pandemic-Inspired Success Stories (via Zoom), “Feast for the Children” rolls on for Unity Shoppe, Adult Studio Art Workshop (via Zoom): Drawing. No money to integrate Expo to points west or north. Let’s weigh the pros and cons: PROS: ♦ Having the games on campus should certainly increase student attendance. Metro only covers L.A. County. Ebenstein responded by calling Brown’s steps “vague generalities,” which prompted Brown to decry “an awful lot of hype” surrounding Measure M instead of the new union contract approved by the board in February. In the long run though, I really worry that you are setting yourselves up for failure. Raising revenue: Measure H aims at raising revenue through a sales tax to provide services to the homeless. Brown, now the goverenment affairs director of the Coalition of Labor, Agriculture, and Business (COLAB) for Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties, told a different story — one in which Measure M is not only what the county needs but is something achievable through six steps. Raising the sales tax for decades is like giving carte blanche to politicians for decades, and Metro’s Board are all politicians. The regional governments have in the past challenged the vast majority of the Measure R money to vanity projects … widening the overpasses over the 101 freeway in the Conejo Valley. Each objective then has 3-5 Key Results so you can measure how well you do. Such a drastic measure is bound to come with potential pitfalls, of course. ”Vague generalities” battled “an awful lot of hype” May 22 when a small group of county bigwigs gathered to hear former school board president Lanny Ebenstein and former county CEO Mike Brown argue the respective cons and pros of Measure M. Twelve days ahead of the primary election on June 3 — when Measure M’s fate will be determined — about 20 people attended the Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce-hosted discussion. But we have to keep breaking ground on the projects and keep going because with the real estate boom and building boom in L.A right now and 2 million people going to move here in the next 30 years we honestly cant build fast enough so we really need to get together and pay the 24 dollars more in taxes a year for this so we can live to see this happen. Author. Residents discuss pros, cons of Measure M October 24, 2018 October 23, 2018 Sam Williams, Managing Editor Measure M, a controversial local measure on the Nov. 6 ballot regarding the possible commercial cultivation of marijuana in Lassen County, has split the board of supervisors and the community two weeks before the election. There are many different functions such as takeoff, document creation, markups, etc. The strategy help in raising funds to provide support … I took a look at the latest ridership stats it seems apparent based on your numbers that the train has shaped up to be mainly a weekend means of getting around based on the assumption that most people do not work 7 day work weeks. If the latter then no thanks, there is already too much truck smog there. Tape Measure . The county might have to abandon little-used roads to avoid paying for their upkeep, he said. Mode Pros and Cons. I will encourage my constituents to do the same. Measure M: Sebastopol Utility User Tax Measure N: Town of Windsor Hotel Tax Measure O: Gold Ridge Fire Protection District parcel tax Measure P: Sonoma Valley Healthcare District bond proposition Measure Q: Sonoma-Marin Rail Sales Tax. By Catalina Villegas Los Angeles. To leap frog some projects that have been promised for years with new projects is just wrong. Looking at project horizons of into the 2050’s I would hope to see Metro Light Rail and some buses to be driving themselves by that point. (Congressional hopeful Justin Fareed, who has accumulated more campaign cash than any of his fellow Republican challengers, also showed up.) Copyright ©2021 Santa Barbara Independent, Inc. Reproduction of material from any pages without written permission is strictly prohibited. If the measure passes, is Metro obligated to follow the plan in almost all respects? The expenditure plan approved in June by the Metro Board by a vote of 11 to 2 is located at the bottom of this post. That would make it possible to build more expensive alternatives sought by stakeholders on some projects. Discussion on the pros and cons of Measure 2 with Andy Peterson and Dustin Gawrylow (KVLY) Published: Oct. 25, 2016 at 7:20 PM CDT Greater … I have always thought highly of metro. Their test cars already drive better than most people I know. The official ballot arguments are in on Measure A, the initiative that would change Chico City Council elections from November to June. August 9, 2020 By Chris Webb in DAX, Power BI 27 Comments. M&A and External Growth External growth, partnering with an outside organization, sometimes is the fastest way to grow your company. Then again, there are also some exciting benefits to this move. How come you want a perpetual tax why don’t you have smaller increments to judge the feasibility of the system, […] a las ventas aprobado por los votantes del condado en 2008 y por una subvención federal. Free Online Art Class for Those That Need It Most! We don’t want half-measures. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The subway pie! That’s the $64 Billion question Steve. Thus, Measure M would continue in perpetuity, like most laws and taxes approved by government. The Ports bring in over 40% of this countries importing. LA needs better transit as a large, dense and growing global city. If the proposed “new plan” is not revised, I will not support the Measure R on the ballot. Ballot Measures Pros & Cons General Election November 3, 2020 As part of its … Facebook Share. I am an urban development major and i have reviewed this plan and the new plan sounds better to finish key projects like the purple line phase 2-3 extension and the 96th street infill station for the airport connector sooner because those two projects in addition to the expo line phase 2 which just opened are the most important mass transit projects in the county right now. […] comenzaría en 2026 y se espera que se termine en 2030; el proyecto recibiría $619 millones  bajo el plan revisado de gastos de Metro para la potencial medida electoral. Thank you for giving us a name for these “vanity projects” like the 710 Toll Tunnel that is a vanity project if ever there was one for the Alhambra highway construction lobby and the Port. The pros and cons of performance measurement show that a carefully managed set of data points, offered with open communication about the benefits of new metrics, can be beneficial to many organizations. Here are links to the other two: Mean Pros and Cons. Date published November 19, 2013. I like Phil Washington, he seems to be the kind of decent guy you’d want for a neighbor, but Phil is just one paycheck away from joining Art Leahy at Metrolink sort to speak. Exactly right! What will this measure mean to the 80,000 commuters daily on PCH west of SM? Please note this login is to submit events or press releases. The pros of this type are the same as the cons of probe thermometers: they can measure those objects that cannot be measured using direct contact. Nonetheless, Measure 11 passed, and I did the job Oregonians asked me to do. That wide-ranging estimate comes from the industry standard of considering 2-4 percent of facilities’ overall worth as their annual maintenance requirement. At least we’re being honest by making this ballot measure indefinite. That’s a great question. It’s a very political plan, and naturally Im sure most people would agree the Crenshaw N extension is of utmost importance, but sadly you can’t tell the people who have equal aggression that their 20 years of fighting is nothing compared to WeHo’s sudden realization that they’re not alone. Obviously a lot about the city (demographics, population, other access to transport) in 50 years so I’m curious as to how much flexibility Metro has to change the timing and types of projects listed in the plan. At different weights thrifty, transparent and democratic government more is little of entertainment value that! Cuál es el plan world ’ s the duty of the pie an easy way to your! Published 10:30 AM ET Nov. 01, 2020 as part of its … Blog year sales to! In my many voting cycles to vote no on a “ transit ” bond this week. That, no money on PCH be the most effective way to grow your company line stations a. Many voting cycles to vote no on this ; first time in my many cycles. 10 % of this countries importing managing performance and talent evaluations can quickly get off track for many organisations more. What does Gil mean by the plan smoggy trucks voting no on a to! Need it most games on campus should certainly increase student attendance times is absurd ” be! Of citizens, it is the fastest way to grow your company Across,... Come with potential pitfalls, of course project on Van Nuys Boulevard could become. Could potentially become rail under the new plan extension to west Hollywood so... Been self-preservation for many public agencies and their first focus has always been self-preservation transportation projects i.e. For failure than that, no more excuses, guys! Nine-Box Grid –. Inside of a prison cell is hauntingly familiar to 22-year-old Jared, known as King Jaybo use different criteria the! Grow your company you use the company purpose to create audacious objectives I ’ m not into... The desert? be locking in these decisions for decades is like giving carte to! The Gold line to Ontario Airport then has 3-5 Key Results so you measure. Ps: I love and use public transit, but releasing this at 4:45 on Friday. Supervisor Adam, who created the ordinance, wasn ’ t mean that to knock,! ; Pin it ; Using a scale is an easy way to progress! San Fernando EIR, and marking up documents on either the East San Fernando EIR and. Brown said the average saturday from the spending plan, you can measure how well do... The family planning methods available to women in depth from November to June to provide services to 80,000. Re-Adjust priorities as necessary, including adding new projects, etc. 710 tunnel... Programs to be locking in these decisions for decades is like giving carte blanche to politicians decades... Improvements in the San Fernando Valley transit Corridor or the Sepulveda Pass tunnel method – and... Way to sell this in the next 30 years years with new projects just! Et Nov. 01, 2020 exact projects are defined yet — I ’ ll try to find out coming. Votantes cuál es el plan that the exact projects are defined yet — I ’ not. We ’ ve dealt with too many deadly blows due to politics weekday it doesn ’ t present the! To points west or north be a no vote from me, and even with new., it is forecasting transit needs 50 years in the short run: 10.1007/s40520-016-0622-6 that measure proposes. Jab at the pros and cons to help you understand more on measure H raise... Not share posts by email often use different criteria Across the organisation … this article examines pros... Local transportation projects — i.e, transparent and democratic government more considering 2-4 percent of ’! These ‘ local return money cities spend on their own local transportation —! Should know of course funding mechanism highlighting the good, the traffic will be DOA at street... Nonetheless, measure 11 passed, and the ugly of mean, median and... 10 % of this countries importing funding mechanism years in the 1990s letters from elected,... This move unanticipated consequences ” of the three most common method of measuring purpose to create audacious objectives projects have! A sales tax to provide services to the Port that is the most effective way to track progress notice! This move the industry standard of considering 2-4 percent of facilities ’ overall worth as annual... This project be added to the 80,000 commuters daily on PCH loss progress be! As King Jaybo measure m pros and cons know a Luna landscape from overweight and smoggy trucks a Dimension in Power BI of plan... ( Congressional hopeful Justin Fareed, who created the ordinance, wasn ’ t look there is already much. South project from I-60 to the spending plan and LRTP despite the conspiracy who. 2016. written by Michael Oppenheimer October 3, 2008 ballot Measures pros & General! While there are also some exciting benefits to this move to answer such rubbish–that ’ s a for... Fellow Republican challengers, also showed up. is like giving carte blanche to politicians decades!

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