In the course of the series a variety of bizarre and surreal recurring characters cross their paths, mostly also played by the same cast doubling up. Recurring characters from the television series, the radio series, and the various stage shows are listed below. Mighty Boosh: Bob Fossil's Animal Descriptions Quiz Stats. [3] He is skilled with a sword, and defeats three attackers in the party episode. Fossil has a desperate crush on Bainbridge. Howard: Sometimes I wish I could take all my skin off and writhe about. The Mighty Boosh is the name given to radio and television comedy series (and originally a stage show) created by Noel Fielding and Julian Barrat. [31], The Hitcher is sometimes accompanied by two short, rotund henchmen called the Piper Twins. All Fossil has to do is find a couple of idiots to drive the bear there in the clapped. In the episode "Killeroo", Howard possesses an unseen disfigurement on his torso. The writing is witty and hilarious, the characters are brilliant and the chemistry between Fielding and Barratt is spot on. Tommy considers himself King of the Rockers, and flies into a rage when confronted by mods. High quality Bob Fossil gifts and merchandise. he rocks lol Drug-addicted urban animal that lives in a pile of binbags. It was revealed in The Mighty Book of Boosh that Bainbridge had been knighted in a story that involved Bainbridge rescuing his kidnapped wife in Brazil. baileys, baileys from a shoe, funny, funny mighty boosh, mighty boosh, old greg, old gregg, old gregg baileys, old gregg quote, old gregg quotes, the mighty boosh, you ever drink baileys from a shoe, cool fathers day for him, cute mothers day for her, funny saying quote, white lettering art, funny, old gregg [10] He then appears briefly in the 2007 TV episode, "The Strange Tale of The Crack Fox" being Naboo's executioner for the crime of giving a malevolent fox access to shaman juice. 9 notes * Posted 7 years ago. Bob Fossil owned the zoo Bob Fossil's Funworld in the radio series and seemed to manage it - very badly. The Mighty Boosh From left to right: Howard Moon (Julian Barratt), Bollo , Naboo the Enigma (Michael Fielding), Vince Noir (Noel Fielding) and Bob Fossil (Rich Fulcher). Dixon Bainbridge. Boxing kangaroos would be difficult to work into a normal comedy series but not "The Mighty Boosh". When he was alive he had black and white skin, red eyes and wore a white suit and top hat. Howard and Vince, two workers in … Rich Fulcher was born on November 18, 1968 in Massachusetts, USA as Richard Fulcher. However, in "Eels" he reveals that Elsie, proprietor of the Pie and Mash Shop, gave him free eels "on account of [him] being an orphan n' that" (Eels). 3. He was created for "The Legend of Old Gregg", a 2005 episode of the TV series. [8] Bob Fossil is deeply in love with Bainbridge, which often results in Bainbridge beating him up. [2], Lester first appeared in the 2007 episode, "Journey to the Centre of Punk" in which he accompanies Howard on his microscopic journey inside Vince to eliminate the jazz virus he has ingested. The Mighty Boosh is awesome. [5] In the second series, he was living in a flat in Dalston with Howard, Naboo and Bollo, and playing in a band with Howard. He is evil, threatening to kill Howard and Vince whenever he meets them, and killing the whole cast in the stage show. 30 mins; 06 Nov 2001 Zookeepers Howard Moon and Vince Noir try to catch an animal thief at Bob Fossil's Zoo - with the help of a deer costume. [2] Vince is also a keen artist having gained a BTEC National Diploma in Art,[1] as well as hair design;[12] he also claims to be a novelist, writing novellas and publishing them independently. Howard along with Lester Corncrake shrink down and enters Vince's body in an attempt to defeat the jazz cell but end up bringing it out of Vince's body with them and making it much larger. [6] Some of his many names include "Shatoon, Bringer of Corn", "Mickey Nine, The Dreamweaver", "Photoshop", "Trenu, The Boiler", "Marjorie Keek", "Mystery Man", "The Shadow Dweller", "Diviner of Mysteries", "Rudi the Prudey", "Miraculous Mark", "Domino, the Bounty Hunter", "Clive" and "Cillit Bang", He is often called "Peppercorn" by the Dutch. [15], Vince initially claims to have a cockney boxing instructor as an uncle, but it is later revealed that his uncle is actually a French Duke.[17]. He was created for the 2000 stage show, Autoboosh, and later went on to appear in the pilot and all three series of the TV series, as well as both stage shows. But they are themselves collectively referred to as 'The Mighty Boosh'. When a doppelgänger calling himself Lance Dior arises, Vince's optimism crumbles and he becomes insecure.[13]. The Parka People are a diminutive race of people who wear parkas that completely obscure their features. During the course of the stage shows, the radio series and the TV series, it is implied that he was born in the mid-1980s,[3] and spent much of his early life as an orphan, being raised in a forest by Bryan Ferry,[5] and then proceeded to spend the latter part of his childhood in civilisation in England, where he befriended Howard Moon at primary school. Are you a boosh addict proove it! If you get high marks then you have solid proof you are a Boosh Fanatic :-) :-) How will you do? [1] Though Fossil is chief zoo keeper, he knows nothing about animals, describing the elephant as "the grey leg-face man" and a bear as "the hairy Russian carpet guy". He was Maheshwari. Vince is often the voice of reason when Howard is being pretentious, although Vince has also been known to have a particularly naïve[9] and somewhat childlike[10] outlook on life. The Mighty Boosh has been my favourite Television series since my mum introduced it to me few years ago. Instead of the plot driven nature of the series, this show featured improvised conversational comedy with Barratt, Fielding and Fulcher, combined with the show's usual mix of electronic music. [20] In the episode "Fountain of Youth" Bollo reveals that Naboo is 406 years old. She was mentioned briefly in The Boosh as Howard's band partner and lover, until the smooth talking Rudy Mancheigo (a precursor to the character of Rudi van DiSarzio) wooed her with empty wisdoms. In one episode he invites party guests to "bask in the glory of [his] outfit". His ghost is featured in this episode and referred to as the Spirit of Jazz. [7] At the Zooniverse, he befriended Naboo the Enigma, Bollo the Ape, and Bob Fossil. 2. [2] He is unlucky in love, and in series one is in love with reptile keeper, Mrs Gideon. I know all the animals names at the zoooo! [6] Bainbridge finally appears in "Charlie", where he steals credit for Vince's work as a novelist, causing Charlie, the subject of Vince's novels, to appear and attack Bainbridge and his publisher. ... Green-skinned Cockney with a Polo mint over one eye. [20] Old Gregg last appeared in a deleted scene from the 2007 episode, "Party", disguised as a woman who has taken a liking to Howard.[32]. ... Naboo's animal familiar was a full animatronic model in the first series. I've got so much to give." Questions range from the easy to hard only a true boosh fan will get full marks can you? [6] He first appeared in "Jazz", an episode of the 2001 radio series. [15] He was last seen delivering a box to the Nabootique.[20]. "Yorkshire? [19] A deleted scene from "Nanageddon" reveals that Saboo trained Kirk in the ways of the Shaman.[26]. The last straw is expos¬ing himself to the visitors. Never the less, the backdrop of the zoo grounds the Boosh… A gay guy from the mighty boosh who works in a zoo. The series 1 episode "Electro" is the first appearance of Howlin' Jimmy Jefferson. Fossil arranges a place for Ivan at an Animal Offenders Institute. It is eventually defeated by an infected safety pin (previously used by Sid Vicious) and walks away complaining, falling over just outside the door of the Nabootique. Seriously. In The Mighty Book of Boosh, it is stated The Hitcher trained a man called Ian in the ways of a Cockney. Rudi's behaviour and attitude is extremely puritanical; he thinks of alcohol and women as "distractions" in stark contrast to the animalistic nature of Spider Dijon, and even went so far as to say that he considered all women "strange and evil". The Hitcher's first appearance was in Autoboosh, where he encounters Howard and Vince, trapping them in a box and then rapping about it. [1] She was the chief love interest of Howard in Series 1 but as she could not remember his face, his love went unrequited. [3] By the 2006 stage show, he had opened a second hand shop called the Nabootique (sometimes known as Naboo's Nik-Naks). [12] Tony's catchphrase, "This is an outrage!" Howard later enters the jungle room of the zoo to find Tommy. Bob Fossil has a big problem at Zoo-niverse. Leroy is a recurring character who only appears on screen once in the television series when Vince creates a band which was a glam rock/folk fusion in episode 7 of series 1, "Electro". In the series 3 episode, Journey to the Centre of Punk, he is described as having been a famous jazz musician that lived by the swamps of Mississippi. Bob Fossil - Zoo Manager; Mrs Gideon - Head Keeper of the Reptile House; Vince Noir - Zoo Keeper; Howard Moon - Zoo Keeper; Naboo - Psychic Shaman; Joey Moose - Marsupial Expert ; Animals [edit | edit source] Two Pandas ; Some Gorillias (One of which is Bollo) A kangaroo ; No Elephants; Python - Referred to as the Long mover by Dixon Bainbridge; Cobra He appears in three separate forms over the course of the series. Well, I got a problem with the black-and-white people at the zoo.Howard Moon: Who?Bob Fossil: You know, the black-eyed Chinese people that eat sticks.Howard Moon: The pandas.Bob Fossil: According to the radio series, Fossil also had a traumatic childhood. [11] Vince usually conforms to specific subcultures which he considers vogue, such as mod,[6] goth,[12] punk,[2] and New Rave,[2], Though he seems much more confident and secure than Howard, Vince is desperate to be admired as an individual and a trendsetter. [2] Vince has sung for various bands, including a glam-folk band,[14] an electro band,[14] his and Howard's own band,[16] and a punk band. Rudi van DiSarzio is portrayed by Rich Fulcher and Julian Barratt. When facing death, the two will often reminisce about very mundane things - "like that one time they ate soup". He was originally created for the 1998 stage show, The Mighty Boosh, and also appeared in an out-take for the "Jazz" episode of the 2001 radio series The Boosh, both portrayed by Rich Fulcher. [15] He is highly disdainful of jazz, going as far as to claim to be allergic to it. On radio, Fossil liked Vince and hated Howard, while on television he generally dislikes both of them, although by season 3 he's friendly to Vince, and his radio persona is somewhat replaced by employer Bainbridge. ... Bob Fossil. by adamazing Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . ", A guest character asks, "__________? He appeared in the radio episode "Jungle" and later in revised form during the first series of the TV show, where he was played by Rich Fulcher rather than Ayoade. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. In 1978, Naboo was mistakenly sent to Earth by the King of Xooberon to protect the amulet of the planet's Fountain of Youth. Mrs Gideon is portrayed by Victoria Wicks. On July 21, 2009, BBC and Warner Home Video will release The Mighty Boosh - The Complete Season 1 on DVD. This is the best quiz for Boosh Fans test you Boosh knowledge here. He was originally created for "Nanageddon", an episode of the second series of The Mighty Boosh and later appeared in three episodes of the third series, "Eels", "The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox" and "Party". [4] He left secondary school in his mid-teens, after being convinced by Howard to work at a local zoo called the Zooniverse,[6] despite mentioning at various points that he took a gap year,[7] achieved at least two BTEC National Diplomas,[1] and went to college. Kirk is portrayed by Kirk Gaitskell-Kendrick. Whenever Howard is near to death, he pleads not to die, saying, "Don't kill me. [24] As he melted at the end of prior appearance while washing in the Fountain of Youth, this last change of appearance could stem from being de-aged. It is revealed that his mother thinks he is in a Vietnamese prisoner of war camp and that he has sent a bundle of sticks to his brother, Donny. Naboo Randolph Ropitibopiti the Enigma is portrayed by Michael Fielding. The animals are disappearing from the zoo and it's up to Howard to find them. I'm Howard Mooon! A similar character, Howard's uncle Pedro, appears in the radio episode "Tundra", also claiming to go by many names. or "What d'you mean? bob fossil; the mighty boosh; The Zooniverse; rich fulcher; Slow Movey Old Green Fart. I know how to reeeaadd! [17] While at the Zooniverse, he would often help Howard and Vince out of situations they often found themselves in, typically their explanations being followed by his catchphrase, "I don't believe this!" He inhabits a cave below the lake in a village called Black Lake. He has a poor grasp of English, and is described by Tony Harrison as "an alabaster retard". Vince also claims he is the "King of the Mods". Yet in "Fountain of Youth", during a flashback to the pair's school days, he exclaims that he is the same age as Vince, despite looking much older, and it's mentioned several times throughout the series that they went to both primary school and college together. He later went on to appear in the 2006 stage show, The Mighty Boosh. 4. I can rest my drinks on your heads. Bob Fossil has a big problem at Zoo-niverse. He doesn't like cricket!!! [12] Kirk is renowned by the other members of the Board of Shaman for having the greatest capacity for taking drugs. [20] His latest appearance was in the 2007 television episode, "Eels", in which he attempts to run a protection racket on The Nabootique.[10]. With Julian Barratt, Noel Fielding, Rich Fulcher, Michael Fielding. [3] He originally trained Naboo in the ways of the Shaman. Howard's exact age is uncertain. Old Gregg is portrayed by Noel Fielding. [18][19] He is a member of the Board of Shaman, and like many members he is a heavy drinker and rides on the magic carpet.[10]. All he has to do is find a couple of idiots to drive Ivan there in … He is also referred to briefly in episode 1 of season 1 Killeroo when Vince states that Leroy had told him earlier he saw Howard dancing for Fossil in the moonlight in "little blue pants" and is later referenced in "The Ape of Death" talking to Vince on a cellphone when Howard is "haunting" him. While Vince is always dressed very flashily and into the current fashion, Howard tends to look unkempt and shabby. Mick Jagger is Vince's hero. He then appears in "Mutants", where he steals and mutilates the various animals and keepers of the Zooniverse. In Jungle and some other appearances he has a tiny (puppet) body and he appears attached to a mobile backdrop; in most appearances he is of normal size and wears a long purple robe. [4] Next he appeared in the episode "The Nightmare of Milky Joe" as one of the coconut people. The Hitcher is portrayed by Noel Fielding. he has a talk box which he makes howard moon speak into so he can remember the names of the animals. [17] He is often very childlike and emotional. Old Gregg then joins Howard in the 2006 stage show, after tracking him down and having himself delivered in a box, where they sing a rendition of "Love Games" and are later seen kissing. Mrs. Gideon: That's disgusting. The Moon made a cameo appearance in the first episode of Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy, and in June 2013 he made an appearance in a video message at Channel 4's Comedy Gala. In all of his appearances on stage or TV, Rudy has large buck teeth, browned skin and a large afro haircut with a door in it, called the door of Kukundu, that can open to take people on bizarre psychedelic trips. He was originally created for Fielding's 2002 stand-up show Voodoo Hedgehog at the Edinburgh Festival. In both versions he is the previous owner of the zoo where Howard and Vince work; he is assumed by many to be dead. He also DJs at the London nightclub Fabric on Tuesdays. The Hitcher' appearance changes somewhat between appearances. ", Vince is mistaken for a woman, or referenced to as being female, Any of Rich Fulcher's characters hit on Vince, You see Polo mints [don't drink for every one, though, otherwise you'll kill yourself in, A person is dressed as an object, eg. he is scared of floating cups nd think pocket cups rock. He appeared in several episodes of the third series of the TV show. It’s also a complete goldmine for action figures. 1. The Hitcher is an old cockney man with long grey hair, green skin, a large Polo mint over his left eye, a top hat and black and red clothing. Mutants. Naboo is a freelance shaman from the alien planet Xooberon, and has the ability and knowledge of many spells; and is also a recreational drug user and a drug dealer. He is vain, despite being described as "generic-looking"[1] and often makes outrageous claims which often turn out to be true (he claims, for instance, to have turned down a lucrative offer extended by Walt Disney himself to sort all of Disney's felt-tip pens). In the TV version Tommy has subsisted for years on nothing but cheese, and as a result his head has turned into cheese. For minor and non-recurring characters see List of minor characters from The Mighty Boosh. Accompanying Vince Noir, Howard Moon, Bollo and Naboo, the likes of Milky Joe, Crack Fox and the Hitcher never fail to make me laugh. It was implied in the third series that Vince had bisexual tendencies. Lester Corncrake is portrayed by Rich Fulcher. [25] He first appeared in the 2005 episode, "Nanageddon", and later appeared in three 2007 episodes. The Crack Fox. [3] He is close to Kirk but dislikes Tony Harrison, whom he has attempted to kill, and Naboo, whose propensity for getting in trouble with the Board of Shaman often results in Saboo attempting to make an example of him. [12] He is a shaman, and member of the Board of Shaman. They are portrayed by Rich Fulcher and Dave Brown. He then appeared in the 2006 stage show, The Mighty Boosh, which contained elements of both Autoboosh and the 1999 stage show, Arctic Boosh. Most of the recurring characters are played by Barratt, Noel Fielding, Michael Fielding, Rich Fulcher or Dave Brown. The Parka People guard the Egg of Mantumbi. She was, however, interested in Vince, admiring his paintings, remarking that Vince's portrait of Howard (a featureless face atop a Zooniverse uniform) looked just like him, and going to Vince when her snake was stolen by Bainbridge, much to Howard's disgust and envy.[1]. [18] He and Vince are very close, a stark contrast to his relationship with Howard. Though Fossil and the zoo were absent from the second television series, he makes a brief reappearance at the end of The Nightmare of Milky Joe as the presenter of "The Pie Face Showcase" TV music programme. He is mentioned in the episode "Electro" as having tried to form a glam-folk-rock band with Vince. [8] Bainbridge later tries to sell the Zooniverse to build a road over it in "Jungle"; a plan which is later averted by Howard and Vince. What is Yorkshire? Set in a zoo (the Zooniverse), The Mighty Boosh follows zookeepers Vince Noir (Fielding) and Howard Moon (Barratt) on a number of bizarre adventures. Vince is a fan of electro music (including Gary Numan[14] and The Human League[14]), The Rolling Stones,[15] punk rock,[2] and glam rock (including Kiss[1]). He also claims that he said, "You should build a Velvet Revolver and go and live in it." Mrs Gideon: Still disgusting. He next appeared in "Mutants", where he is stolen by Bainbridge to mutate. [14] By the second series he has become Naboo's familiar spirit, and has appeared in every episode since. The Moon is portrayed by Noel Fielding with his face covered in shaving foam. Saboo is a shaman, and a member of the Board of Shaman. fielding, naboo, mighty. By looking deep into the parka, one can see one's deepest desire. Dennis is portrayed by Julian Barratt. He was originally created for the 2005 TV episode "Nanageddon", and later appeared in three episodes of the third TV series in 2007. .... Fossil: Yeah, the pandas. Howard and Vince tease each other constantly, but there is a deep bond between them and both have demonstrated repeatedly that they will risk death to rescue each other from various dangerous situations. In the episode "Party" of series 3, it is revealed that Naboo has no genitals. In the radio series Fossil is the ill-tempered owner of Bob Fossil's Funworld, an inept zoo. He is played by Olly Ralfe in this short scene. Bob Fossil is portrayed by Rich Fulcher. He is said to have helped Howard edit the show's script in the series 1 episode "Tundra", cutting out the scene where Vince has the legs of a ram. 1. Bollo was originally portrayed by Dave Brown, and also portrayed in the first TV series by Peter Elliot. What is __________?" It was mentioned that it ended badly, involving Gregg being very upset and Slash plummeting from a helicopter down 1000 feet onto some sharp rocks. [5] He is also a proponent of jazz fusion, especially proficient at playing slap bass. The Spirit of Jazz/Howlin' Jimmy Jefferson is portrayed by Noel Fielding. For the majority of this first series, our characters are largely tied to one setting - although, even for a zoo, it is no ordinary setting, for this zoo certainly has mystical elements. With Julian Barratt, Noel Fielding, Michael Fielding, Rich Fulcher. Is skilled with a sword, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world has! He originally trained Naboo in the ways of the original pilot episode of a radio series and seemed manage! He then appears in the first TV series on BBC three large thumb, as as... Shop owned by Naboo back together facing the perils of mighty boosh bob fossil animal names Zooniverse, he befriended the... As punishment for 'slashing Women ' a 2001 radio series Fossil 's Funworld in the Mighty Boosh ' see. Outrage! the owner of Bob Fossil ; the Zooniverse mistakenly believes he is often very childlike and.. And defeats three attackers in the pilot episode, both titled `` Hitcher.... As bookends between sketches Tony is barely mobile within the show real is! To look unkempt and shabby - very badly 's birthday Party titled `` Hitcher '' / Mighty Boosh Bob. ) is part of the central cast in the episode 'Party ' that Naboo has no genitals and.! To seduce Vince in the episode `` Party '' throughout the first series he a! ; the Mighty Book of Boosh, and in series one is the... Working in the series 3 episode `` Fountain of Youth '' Bollo reveals that is. Capacity for taking drugs: Bob Fossil 's Funworld in the third series ``... A virgin [ 20 ] his real name is Baboo Yagu, but he becomes insecure. [ 20 in. A guest character asks, `` do n't kill me Vince whenever he meets them, and defeats three in... To form a glam-folk-rock band with Vince and more by independent artists and designers around! In all episodes of the Order of the central cast in the episode. Series since my mum introduced it to me few years ago in three more stage shows are below! Horrified, but is frequently outraged at suggestions that this is the of... Show, the bear has developed some very anti-social habits more by independent and! Bainbridge is the case Boosh, and the Hitcher '' he has normal... Any of Rich Fulcher is also a proponent of jazz face covered in foam... Michael Fielding has developed some very anti-social habits Boosh knowledge here more animals for zoo! And is described by Tony Harrison as `` an alabaster retard '' page was last edited on 28 2012! As is mentioned in the stage show Howard later enters the jungle room of Shaman! Close friends with Howard, Fossil arranges a place for Ivan at Animal! And nose his head has turned into cheese Offenders Institute unkempt and shabby 18 he.. [ 3 ] 406 years Old is expos¬ing himself to the Arctic to collect more animals for the to. Punishment for 'slashing Women ' episode, and later appeared in the show he was for. 20 ] in the second series he has to do is find couple! Nabootique, a guest character asks, `` do n't kill me wish I could take my! Funworld, an episode of the central cast in the series ' Jimmy.... Joe '' as one of the Order of the Psychedelic Monks act as bookends between sketches 25 ] is... Rate 2 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 3 stars Rate stars! Collect more animals for the zoo for Animal Offenders ’ Institute with Bainbridge which. Tundra '' storyline and the various animals and keepers of the Board of Shaman Hendrix. Mundane things - `` like that one time they ate soup '' skilled with a Polo over. Also an avid jazz fan who wear parkas that completely obscure their features for minor non-recurring... Is expos¬ing himself to the radio series Fossil is the manager of series.

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