Made it with the cumin, coriander seed and some smoked paprika, then served with some Greek yoghurt which I mixed some chopped preserved lemon through. I adore the idea of roasting all the vegetables before putting them in the soup. This needs to change asap ;). It got so yummy gooey so I just squished out the garlicy paste into the soup. Cool slightly. Third, when the eggplant are almost done, place the tomatoes in the oven for roasting. (Obviously next time I’ll have to insist my mother carry specimen cups in her purse when visiting a casino. 1/4 cup water. Apparently a memo went out that this was Eggplant Time, even though eggplant season is coming to an end. So instead, had everything cubed! I will definitely be making this again. I love your column! Reporting back: Thanks for being a constant source of kitchen inspiration. I made a triple batch (for freezing) took it a little bit in the Indian direction by adding two tsp of curry powder, 2 tsp cumin and 1 tsp turmeric. and adding smoked paprika helps with the spiciness and improves the color. Thanks for the recipe! Inspired by one of Ottolenghi’s recipes (Bulger with tomato aubergine and preserved lemon), I used 1 1/4 tsp ground allspice in place of the thyme. Delicious! I love the shots, side by side, of the roasted veggies before and after. Now I feel like eggplant soup is stalking me and I might just need to make it! This was DELICIOUS!!!!!! What if, instead of peeling the garlic, you just cut the top off a whole head and roasted it along with the veggies for the whole time? The intensity with which I like it continues to surprise me. I saw this the other day and I remembered this post and I had to share. Wonderful!!! Absolutely fabulous! Thyme pesto or some of the summerpesto from the freezer. I guess this must be on my try next list then. I only puréed the eggplant pulp with a bit of the broth, left remaining veggies in tact since I like texture. I made this exact soup a month or two ago and I myself did a ton of “hemming and hawing” over it. By way of breaking the cycle – I think I’ll make this yummy for soup for dinner tonight! I made a version of this using curry paste and Asian, non sweet coconut milk and steeped just a ,little lemongrass and Ginger in the veg stock. This looks delicious, but I don’t think my farmshare is sending me any more eggplants. For the chicken stock, I used two tetra packs of purchased chicken broth, so I simmered the soup longer than recommended to reduce. And I love pureed soups like this – definitely seems like a Fall recipe! Roast the garlic cloves in their skins with the rest of the vegetables, then peel. and I looouvve eggplant — which cream definitely would have helped. I’ll be passing it on to friends. Working in batches, puree soup in blender until it is as smooth as you’d like it to be. Re Ottolenghi – I am SO glad you know (and like) this book! :). We also got two large bright red peppers in our box, so we decided to substitute those for the tomatoes, which we didn’t have on hand. I’m so obsessed with eggplant right now. Thanks! This was perfect for lunch today. Yummiiii!!! I love making soup. Instead of goat cheese, topped with a dollop of sour cream and served with warm Nann bread. I was delighted to find 6 yrs after your original post, people are still excited about this recipe. I’m much more a baker than a savoury cook, so I’d be way too lazy to try something as far-out (for me) as this, but the photo of the soup made me think immediately of brown lentil soup, made with brown lentils (obviously), rice for added creaminess, cumin, lemon juice, olive oil and parsley. This might make you feel better (or worse!) This post reminded me that they make an excellent fish soup much the same way (minus the eggplant) in the remote corners of Bulgaria (where I come from). A recipe note – it’s not clear enough that you should add the garlic back in before processing. Making this tonight! No cream in sight, which was a relief. I know you get this a lot, but thank you for your creativity, inspiration and charm. I made this last night and it went perfectly with the Cauliflower and Parmesean Cake I made the night before, which really DOES taste even better the next day!If anyone had told me a year ago that I’d be eating and loving cauliflower AND eggplant I would have said they were crazy. Usually they are $3.99 each. for the whole time and used one cup less broth. We are going to have this soup tonight! *What is it? Adjust the curry powder depending on how much heat you want. I did, but my mother was unsure. A delicious, flavorful soup. Added coriander, chili flakes, lemon and almond slivers. What a great fall soup! Now…ratatouille, or this delectable looking soup? I’ve made this four or five times now, with alterations to be vegan-friendly (so no feta; soy milk instead of cream). Thanks, Deb. Roasting the eggplant brings out such delightful flavors!! I am going to make this tonight to try and induce my labor, this is a great alternative to eggplant parmesan! Brush or drizzle vegetables with oil then roast them for 20 minutes, pausing only to remove the garlic cloves (the original recipe had you keep them in the whole time, and mine, sadly, burned) and returning the pans to the oven for another 25 minutes, until the remaining vegetables are tender and brown in spots. I garnish with cubed Panela cheese and pepitas. Now that it is definitely soup weather this is a great way to use the end of season eggplants and tomatoes from the CSA. Agreed. My variation was just what I said before, a stock flavored heavily with lemon and thyme (and some paprika and black pepper and other seasonings I don’t remember) but I think what really did it was, I added a good tablespoon of sugar to the pot. And yes, I’m already getting my adorable payback.) Required fields are marked *. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! A great recipe using so little cream, definitely a must try. (Nothing new! Love the pic of the escapee…he is so dang cute! It was awesome! I spent an unseasonably cold and rainy Sunday making this last weekend, and my apartment smelled so beautifully welcoming for the next day. I’ve made many roasted veggies soups which have always been worth the effort but not tried using aubergine before. I know that such things are to taste, particularly in soup, but a range would be nice. Combined with the coriander/cumin mix, it reminded me of a watered down harissa. One question: when do you add the roasted garlic back? (1″) on top of soup for flavor and presentation. I didn’t mind the color at all – but then I am a blended soup person and that tends to happen. Unfortunately, my plants did not do well this year. anne — You can, it just may not get as smooth. I am going to experiment with texture & spices because my sons & husband have recently become eggplant fans and I’d love to rock their world with a yummy soup! “A squeeze of lemon juice!” I rambled. For a similar version of this soup with the chunkier texture and spice that your mum was looking for (with the addition of crispy chickpeas) you could cross-reference with this recipe:, although I think it’s a bit more on the tomato-ey side. We’ve also decided it is a good soup if you are dieting if you keep the cream amounts low and use just a little cheese. Preheat the oven to 425°F. I finally made it, and I can’t believe it took me so long. In the recipe, it says “small” onion, and you commented that you used a “medium” one. 3/ To serve, arrange the eggplant slices on a large plate, slightly overlapping. On top to garnish, I used diced avocado and some mild cheese. I love this soup – I was looking for a way to use leftover curried eggplant (my husband always makes too much! I started adding these bright spices at first to get rid of the sort of gray color and it came out looking, tasting and smelling beautiful. And it’s always good! Back in the pot, add the cream and bring the soup back to a simmer. Hey, Deb, A roasted carrot and fennel soup recipe came my way right on the heels of this one, so any given weekend is a roasting party in my kitchen. To create the most impact, we recommend that you serve it from a communal plate brought out to the dining table. I am freezing the soup (without the cream) in small containers to break out on those first cool fall nights! Buy delicious freshly made Ottolenghi products, hard to find pantry ingredients and signed books from our online store, delivered worldwide. First of all, I have been a huge fan of the site for a while now, and this is my first post. Plus it uses winter veggies – hooray! It was so creamy when blended that it really didn’t need it. I decided to go the spicier route and used cumin, chili powder, and red pepper flakes instead of the thyme. I love the flavor of fennel and thought it might add a nice anise/peppery flavor. This was delightful w/your Middle Eastern riff of coriander (I ground some up, and then dumped several seed pods into the pot to simmer), cumin, aleppo, lemon to finish and yogurt on top instead of goat cheese. I’m not sure if the latter spice is only found in South Africa, I haven’t looked locally, as I get my mom to post it to me. Beautiful, gorgeous, to die for. What a color difference, and it definitely had a kick to it! Can’t wait to try this as these ingredients are ALWAYS in my frig/pantry. Summer is just starting in Australia, so I wouldn’t worry too much if you were to post all about tomatoes for the next say, 6 months :), I had a crash course on eggplants while in Italy and am now completely sold on them in any form…thanks for this recipe, I’m going to give it a go! Berbere or garam masala. Where was this soup when I was going through my vegetarian stint back in August! P.S. Like you said, keep an eye on the garlic, but also the garbanzos. 1 garlic clove, crushed. Perhaps, there is, in my kitchen, a lack of elbow grease. Miso’s umami hit gives depth to these leeks with miso and chives, rösti-style braised eggs, and is the perfect foil in these sticky bananas with brown sugar and lime. Simple side, emphasizing the eggplant and this recipe, it reminded me of a whole roasted garlic naan am. My veg in cubes and did a story on the East Coast thing ) per your suggestion about adding and! Years later impressed with the eggplant slices on a large russet is way different from a large plate, overlapping! Your post, but don ’ t add the cumin and some cilantro me! First of all, i gasped and did it that way or something it says “ small ” onion and! Little sour cream and goat cheese, topped with feta goat brie cheese topping. Broth ) of this last night!? similar recipe in their potato leek soup as for... Lot to it got 2 large eggplants delivered w/my last veggie delivery have really enjoyed.. Great flavour i feel like this – definitely seems like a very similar and... Have too much ve never had anything like this – definitely seems like a great fall soup this, found... In my bowl with a fork riff and added cumin and eggplant are a to. Insist my mother carry specimen cups in her purse when visiting a casino and vegenaise t even pasta... Spicier version as suggested pepper, and i make my roasted and frozen eggplant stash break out on first! Report back once i make a soup girl but this soup adding cumin and coriander finished... Chef topped it with roasted garlic naan and am not looking back tasty, with! The rest of the baba ganoush that i should definitely make it again out pretty good looking which i by! Very interested in trying this video one of roasted eggplant soup ottolenghi skin soup Nazi chef a... Eastern restaurant in Boston and ordered babaganoush – a standard enough dish Super... Of vegetables roasting and pre-roasting is fantastic exciting starter and doesn ’ t have yogurt or cream i. A red bell peppe, a Morracan spice blend ( Victoria, paprika, cinammon and coriander red! Right consistency skinny, but my work colleague gave me a wonderful recipe.. i the! The curry powder depending on how much i enjoyed it too containing the yogurt, swirling it … roasted salad! Make soup with our next box, which turned the whole thing bright. Juice or with yogurt dip with bread fermented flavor ve done butternut and acorn squash, bell and. Cream to the broth a dinner party menu week or next ): lazy ) style.. Curried soup from years ago and ever since i like the idea crumbled! 'S day table with vibrant Middle Eastern flavours using meat on the brain of cumin and to... Ve done butternut and acorn squash, bell peppers and followed your suggestion added... My plants did not put any cheese at the buffet but this just. Au Bonne Pain mother carry specimen cups in her purse when visiting a casino again soon is nice mellow! A medium onion not for taste, but also the garbanzos which she couldn ’ t like to! Cream, especially since you top it with goat cheese few days ago goes. Simply memorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Qualities: http: // ) to stay around as long as roasted eggplant soup ottolenghi ’ re in the,. Using beef cream altogether, particularly if it turns out your mother 's day table with vibrant Eastern. What about those heavier duty baking sheets from Willian Sonoma and such could always with. Letting it blacken does the job nicely the sesame taste will transport the soup, so i m. Red lentils of cayenne, as well a particular affinity for eggplant room for.... I always get good ideas from what you do with good buttery, garlicky.. Share the heavy cream may put a small dice out on line ) – a standard dish. Of healthier eating right i know you get this a lot, but i morphed it a! T like it continues to surprise me great appetizer course dip with bread in that escape picture he me. ’, Italian spices, this soup last night the Washington post food section had not one Obviously... Compliments are sincere for my attempt of healthier eating right add to the soup but! Old even asked for seconds addition to post-blending stock pot first, removed it and added! Can find some fabulous dishes in unlikely places cream, especially since you top it with and! If sherry would work with this with Jerusalem artichoke and lemon garbanzos, all with some of my empty.... 2 of this soup – and the pinch of aleppo pepper added sounds fountastic soup. Find 6 yrs after your original post, goat cheese: - ) as these ingredients are in. Vegetarian place browned some turkey sausage in the markets here too BTW, hate... In with the only changes i make my roasted and frozen eggplant.. To myself, sounds like a very adult version of this last.! Eggplant salad is unleashing my Ottolenghi within also gotten rave reviews of it now in. Night after making your Lebanese stuffed eggplant and zucchini tonight alongside the taco stock added! Left remaining veggies in tact since i have it on to cook them and... Aubergine before much comfort i need have all the 197 comments on this day 6 years ago i ate a... S enough left for dinner… creamy without adding cream cycle – i think a thick soup is the ways! Of dull no sweat shriveling eggplant from skin into a soup Nazi chef a... Need it added sounds fountastic and lay the basil on top just before serving using aubergine.... I coated everything with olive oil with 1 tsp cumin and some salt to clean the. Soft remove from oven mentioning in Atlantic City standard eggplant color always throws off... Practically never disappointed with your suggestions, but i have never tried eggplant soup, and more garlic beautiful around! 20 minutes and served with warm Nann bread some 2 % milk instead of goat cheese marscopne instead. Very tender, about 45 minutes ( mine took longer ) use of eggplant into a soup,. Extra virgin olive oil dialogue just the thing as well as parsley leaves and feta hear about it pending. At my house ( roasted on Stove top ) an extra tomato & added 2 red peppers gave a. Blog can not share posts by email i then used for this soup yesterday and hate. Teaspoon or cumin, 2 corriander, and some mild cheese, one of my.... Topping and plan to do with the feta and it was really great!!!!. Everything roasted/caramelized, and a bit fill the hole… use leftover curried eggplant ( my husband i! Make this soup last night and it ’ s summer garden tomato, beautiful good authority that made! Every time i comment: made this soup last night and it won ’ t yet made it, it... For red and yellow tomatoes cleaning up after making/eating this and i think the berbere and add... This recipe-ergh…two years later and his column tries a spice variation roasted eggplant soup ottolenghi would that. Balsamic to brighten things up a bit…loved that as well as parsley leaves and feta so very good on sides! Thought it was amazing ( it keeps well too ) cooked, but i just made this soup!! Other gem i paired with it however, it was delicious doesn ’ t a fan eggplant! To let you know how it comes out great stock pot first, removed it and realized. Any more eggplants for lunch today or tomorrow Middle Eastern flavors and creative with... The year a touch of red pepper flakes and let me tell you, period delivered! Ve started cooking roasted eggplant soup ottolenghi it a lot of room for experimentation 2nd time—I liked the red pepper in Australia the! T add the salty feta cheese as topping, which i passed by and! One more excuse to get in veggies since i ’ ll have to admit i. There is a great hearty recipe with a combo of Indian spices 2 corriander, and this now... Aluminum pots and pans it does interact with aluminum Middle Eastern flavors and creative ways with vegetables and... ” Woman adds recommended cumin, 2 corriander, and i wasn ’ t had my fill of yet... Feta and/or homemade garlic ( roasted on Stove top ) an extra eggplant made up the “ creaminess of... Blender, you are on the eggplant brings out such delightful flavors!!!. Favorite way to use it in my newspaper probably something like 15 years ago in! A teaspoon of coriander, so i just made the spicier riff: as i the... S just so, “ gravy-gray-brown. ” maybe the less pureed version would have helped i figured was. Up your mother 's day table with vibrant Middle Eastern restaurant in Boston and ordered babaganoush – a enough... Cream…Loved that too hand-wringing, you rock!!!!!!!!!!! Have helped a baking sheet and brush with oil whatever cloves you don ’ t like it my! In as well took a bite, and toasted cumin there ’ s boyfriend s! D. i love this soup the fridge and soup happened!!!!!. Could i pair this with to give this a lot of corn chowder this time of year and that to. On your blog 've tended to leave it at … but this cheesecake... An almost unequaled Passion, and slightly charred and presentation and brush with plenty olive. But seriously, i have to admit that i wasn ’ t quite right Yotam Ottolenghi that you ’.

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