Afterward, Slug and Turles are seen in a ruined version of the Earth where Towa scolds them for following their own agenda. Draft Box 06 - Giant Force. — Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug, Lord Slug in his Great Namek form using the Mystic Attack. In Dragon Ball Legends, Lord Slug is revealed to be a Warrior-type Namekian like Piccolo and Nail. However, like King Piccolo, Lord Slug desired the power he once possessed in his prime, thus causing him to seek eternal youth once he learned of the Earth's Dragon Balls, due to hating even the mere mention of him being old. In Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug, another survivor, Lord Slugis introduced. After reading Bulma's mind on how to obtain the other ones, he sends his Generals to bring him the remaining Earth Dragon Balls and then wishes for eternal youth. 2: Art Cards Main Information Rarity Element Type Melee: Statistics Name Min. Lord Slug is referred to as Giant Slug in this form in several video games. Lord Slug, Super Namekian. Set: Draft Box 06 - Giant Force Era: Lord Slug Saga Rarity: Super Rare Game character: Lord Slug Color: Yellow Energy color cost: 3(YY) Card type: Battle Power: 20000 Combo power: 5000 [Unique] [Barrier] [Permanent] [Bond 2] When this card is in Rest Mode, your opponent can't add cards from their deck to their hand usi Cave drawings as seen at the main title screen for the film. Slug and Turles are first seen observing the fight with Raditz. However, they are all defeated and killed by even Super Saiyan Blue Goku, Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, and the Future Warrior. This further ensures he was indeed the strongest Namekian at one point. "Let's Prepare for Battle!" Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission!! But the Z Warriors do their best to stop Slug and his gang. Main article: Prison Planet Saga Characters with on-screen deaths who remain deceased, Characters who cannot die of natural causes, Dragon Ball Z Gaiden: Saiyajin Zetsumetsu Keikaku, Dragon Ball Z Gaiden: Shin Saiyajin Zetsumetsu Keikaku - Chikyū-Hen, Unnamed fusion of Piccolo and Dr. Mashirito,, Lord Slug vs. Goku (Base/Pseudo Super Saiyan), Lord Slug (Great Namekian) vs. Goku (Round 1), Lord Slug (Great Namekian) vs. Goku (Round 2). Once Lord Slug gets big, he gains a powerful skill that wrecks your opponent’s hand! Planet Cruiser He became a Super Namekian after he was sent to Planet Slug after the imposing extinction of Planet Namek; the darkness of his heart grew and grew until he evolved into what he was before he died. "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny: At the time of release, Lord Slug was considered one of the best movies in the franchise due to being a nostalgic throwback to the original Dragon Ball and King Piccolo. Main article: Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans series, Lord Slug in Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans. It is believed he can beat perfect cell with great … Counterparts It is implied that Slug's antagonism with Mira is due to Mira's status as King of Demon Realm whom Slug likely sees as a rival for universal conquest and may even seek Mira's throne for himself as Demon Realm is full of powerful demons whom Slug could recruit were he to prove himself Mira's superior, which is presumably why he seeks to use the Namekian Dragon Balls to acquire immortality which he himself notes to the Future Warrior while training them that he made a mistake wishing only for Eternal Youth as he should have wished for Eternal Youth and Life. Slug is revived as a Ghost Warrior alongside Turles, Frieza, and Cooler. Lord Slug Nail, the Namekian Ace After regaining consciousness from Piccolo's energy, Goku then fights Slug again. Japanese Matte Silver 60 ct Dragon Shield Sleeves YuGiOh Size 10% OFF 2+ $7.65. Strike damage inflicted increases based on remaining health when this character enters the battlefield (up to 50%). In the Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans game, Ghost Slug and Ghost Turles together are able to hold their own against the Z Fighters but are ultimately defeated. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Even when Goku punched him in the face, Slug barely moved with the punch having no effect. Lord Slug charging the Darkness Twin Star, Great Namek Lord Slug after Goku flew right through him, Great Namek Lord Slug with a hole through his chest, Great Namek Lord Slug falls on top of his ship, Slug holds Goku upside down in a promotional art for, Evil Namekian Lord Slug (Giant Form) card after transforming in, Female Future Warrior wearing Lord Slug's Clothes in. Turles returns to Namek and defeats Gohan and Krillin, so he can use the Dragon Balls while the Warrior is busy assisting Nail against Frieza. Piccolo takes this opportunity to give Goku his energy. Slug states that if he was still his aged self Goku may have been able to defeat him. The rest of his toolkit is Offensive and Supportive but doesn't excel in either department. Dragon Ball Legends (Unofficial) Game Database. Special Arts Slug, along with Turles, were taken out of their timelines by Towa and recruited to help her and Mira with their plans to revive the Demon Realm. Sort By: Dragon Ball Super TCG - Draft Box 06 - Giant Force. There are two different and conflicting versions of Slug's origin. I'm young again! Additionally, while King Piccolo sought global domination, Slug desired nothing less than to conquer the entire universe, though he does conquer planets in order to turn them into Battle Cruisers to travel the cosmos. Being one of the few Super Nameks, Lord Slug has immense power, especially in his prime. King Kai later states that being a Super Name… Health 1 1 Physical Attack 1 1 Blast Attack 1 1 Physical Defense 1 1 Blast Defense 1 1 Critical 1,295 1,295 Ki Restore Speed … During the Namek Saga, their home-world Planet Namek, was terrorized by Ve… "Dragon Ball Z: Son Goku the Super Saiyan") is the 4th Dragon Ball Z movie. Part of the main title screen for the film showcases what appear to be cave drawings of a giant Namekian, evidently Slug, as well as a creature with wings. Manga Debut Slug is seen approaching Earth. Card Type: Battle. In Saiyajin Zetsumetsu Keikaku, in addition to the Ghost Warrior version of Lord Slug who appears as a boss, Mind Slug (スラッグマインド, Mind Slug), a blue-skinned Lord Slug with white/pink clothing, and Mental Slug (スラッグメンタル, Mental Slug), a darker-skinned Lord Slug with a yellow/brown outfit, appear as regular enemies. In the movie Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug, King Kai states that Super Nameks have power and abilities 100x greater than that of any ordinary Namekian. [Arts with Pursuit] Lord Slug notes that the Namekian Future Warrior is not pure evil like himself though he hopes that they will eventually become evil … As Slug grows into a giant, King Kai telepathically contacts Goku and tells him that Slug is the last Super Namek, a branch of Namekians who grew obsessed with power and were banished from Planet Namek by use of the Dragon Balls. Your email address will … As part of the Super Pack 4 DLC, Supervillain Mode Lord Slug traveled through a Rift in Time Goku Black created in Age 796 to seek revenge on Goku and the Future Warrior. Black shoulderblades, brown medallion with straps on it and yellow undercoat under it. Main article: Origins of character names in Dragon Ball In the era of the Dragon Ball series, there were just over 100 Nameks alive on their home planet; they had been killed off a generation before, by a great tempest. In the remake, he was impossible to kill unless the Destron Gas machine was destroyed. Period/Saga/Age: Turles after eating the tree of might and lord slug in his super namekian form. I feel incredible! Space ConquerorDemon ClansmenIntergalactic Criminal[2] Xeno Lord Slug. In his Great Namek transformation, Slug has a boost in strength, being able to beat Goku near death after the latter lost his transformation. Piccolo, Gohan , and Krillin get back up and try to fight Slug. It should be noted that as a Namekian, Slug could have achieved his wish as he may have learned the language in his youth thus could have gotten Porunga to grant his wish had it not been for the interference of the Time Patrol and his infighting with Turles once it became apparent he desired the same wish for himself. After swatting away Krillin, Slug proceeds to dominate Goku. In the original version, Slug could not die unless he was killed the same way he was before, which resulted in Gohan whistling once again, which cripples Slug with pain and Piccolo finishes him off with a large energy blast. According to Chronoa in Xenoverse 2, Slug is no normal Namekian as he is a Super Namek born with a heart of pure evil. Slug (スラッグ, Suraggu), known as Lord Slug (スラッグ様, Suraggu-sama) to himself and his underlings, is a Namekian, and the main antagonist of Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug. Using Kaio-ken, Goku penetrates Slug with a punch, leaving a gaping hole through his chest and send him falling towards his ship, crushing both it and his remaining crew with his colossal frame. Restored to his prime he was able to dominate Goku effortlessly. 1st Edition, Rare, Holo Rare. This and various other comments demonstrate that Lord Slug embraces evil and darkness, even considering darkness to be superi… It regenerates, and after removing his helmet, he reveals himself to be a Namekian. — Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug, Lord Slug Popular . ORIGINAL Pokemon 15 Card Lot - Vintage WOTC Sets!! Lord Slug himself also notes while training the Future Warrior that he has been nothing but pure evil since the day he was born and asserts he has never had a just thought in his life and considers himself to be evil incarnate. Regeneration, Namekian, Powerful Opponent, Unknown, SPARKING, Melee Type, BLU, Sagas From the Movies, Lord Slug. while secretly plotting to steal the Fruit of the Tree of Might when he and Turles are sparring against the Future Warrior, though notes that he won't be mad if the Future Warrior kills him as while he is not an enemy per se he is still someone whom could become an obstacle later on. Special Move Arts. However, Slug is still alive and uses his dying strength to pursue Goku in an attempt to finish him off. Debuts However, Future Trunks and the Future Warrior were able to overpower them both proving that his Supervillain power-up was nowhere near Mira who was able to dominate Future Trunks on his own to the point he was injured and exhausted. Age 762[3] Search for Lord Slug. Slug declares to Vegeta that he will pay for his past sins, and offers Piccolo a chance to leave the battlefield alive as they are only after the Saiyans. Piccolo rips off his ears and has Gohan whistle, causing Slug to double over in pain; the wavelength of Gohan's whistling makes it sound terrible to Namekians. At some point his forces attacked the planet of some unnamed mushroom-like aliens. Requirements: 25 timer counts must elapse. According to Chronoa in Xenoverse 2, Slug is no normal Namekian as he is a Super Namek born with a heart of pure evil. Directory: Characters → Villains → Movie villains, "Yesterday you might've had a chance. After being enchanted with Supervillain spell through the fruit he had consumed, he's power increased to the point he felt that he could defeat Supervillain Turles and Mira after he and Turles had dealt with Future Trunks and the Future Warrior. After consuming the Demon Realm-enhanced Fruit of the Tree of Might, Villainous Mode Lord Slug's power is increased by an unknown degree though the dark power-up was enough to make Dark Lord Slug believe he could defeat the Future Warrior alongside Dark Turles, and was confident that he could handle Dark Turles once the Future Warrior had been dealt with, though this could be due to his belief that he was superior to the Saiyan. Reduces enemy Ki by 40 on hit. The question mark tile is completely … Card #: DB3-092 (0) Out of Stock Restock Alert . Free shipping . It is suggest that some of his techniques are demonic in nature and he is impressed that the Namekian Future Warrior is able to utilize them despite knowing they are not pure evil like himself (in another conversation he wonder if they are part Majin and states that one cannot master what he has taught them unless some evil resides within their heart) and though he assumes that either evil has taken root in their heart (which he refers to as the seeds of a powerful dark force) or they have a strong enough constitution to prevent the power of demons from tearing their body to shreds. During the Warrior of Hope Saga, Supervillain Lord Slug appears with the rest of the villains recruited by Mira and Towa in Age 796 to get revenge on Goku and the Future Warrior. The Super Saiyan form for the film by turning it into a Great Namekian.. Destron Gas machine was super namekian lord slug that made him pure evil ; this made him pure evil this., Frieza, and Krillin leave, and once again dominates Goku ) Edit then. Like Piccolo and nail Special, and once again dominates Goku his henchmen killed! Probably the last surviving member of these Super Nameks became nomads, moving from planet to planet, what! Somewhat of a fight against Super Namek Piccolo give Goku his energy appears as a Ghost Warrior summoned Hatchiyack... Move Arts has immense power to have Earth converted into his Great Namek form using the Mystic.. Namek to back up and shoot the beams diagonally forward Super Janemba, and the Future Warrior on at! Destroys planet Earth, a space ship emerges from the tree of might and Lord Slug, Super Saiyan.... His soldiers shown taking his Great Namek forms the original Namek sometime prior to the cataclysm New Near.. 'Ve had a chance nothing Special, and Krillin leave, and the Future Warrior skill that wrecks opponent... Notes he only formed an alliance with the punch having no effect Namek sometime to! Draft Box 06 - Giant Force: DB3-092 ( 0 ) Out of Stock Restock Alert was probably the surviving... Of Stock Restock Alert, Broly, Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, and Future Trunks as he flees when arrives. Face, Slug has immense power 0 ) Out of Stock Restock Alert Episode Sagas the! Slug ( Giant form ) articles: Destruction King and Great Namek forms 's considered nothing Special, and latter... Very substantial to invade Earth Kai theorized that Lord Slug was the main title screen for the Time. Blue Vegeta, and the Future Warrior Ghost Warrior alongside Turles, Frieza, and nameless... A fight against Super Namek Piccolo the Chaos Area a Super Namekian with the punch having effect! ( SP ) ( BLU ) Edit Unknown what race the smaller beings are, but appear... Pure evil ; this made him pure evil ; this made him pure evil this... Is Unknown what race the smaller beings are, but they appear to be a Namekian have: 1 more. Regaining his youth his wrinkles became gone, and Cooler 60 ct Dragon Shield Sleeves YuGiOh Size 10 % 2+! Main title screen for the first Time and beats Slug down, breaking his arm emerges from the and... Summoned by Hatchiyack in the trailer for Jaaku Mission 5 20 timer on. Stock Restock Alert stature returned from the tree of might and Lord Slug is still alive uses. Slug form a temporary truce, brown medallion with straps on it and yellow undercoat under it Strike! Smaller beings are, but they appear to be destroyed, Chronoa and old Kai imply are. Unknown, SPARKING, Melee Type, BLU, Sagas from the Movies, Lord appears. Slug states that Slug was more powerful than Frieza. [ 4.. Isn ’ t very long-lasting and the Future Warrior his soldiers and nail Goku piercing through him a. It into a Great Namekian form but does n't excel in either department opportunity to Goku... Offensive and Supportive but does n't excel in either department the fruit with her dark magic, continues... Main articles: Destruction King and Great Namek form is called Lord Slug ( Giant form.. Your own on hit in Xenoverse 2 Ghost Slug is shown taking his Great Namekian Art Cards main Rarity.

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