Sometimes, grabbing a bite to eat at your local pub just doesn’t cut it. For those seeking a unique dining experience that might take you a bit out of your comfort zone, we’ve researched ten unique concept restaurants that are sure to help shake things up a bit! (Quite literally in the case of #3…)

No flashlights allowed! Courtesy of MTL Blog

1) O.Noir, Montreal

You best not be afraid of the dark if you want to embark on this crazy concept restaurant, because O.Noir is one of two locations in Canada where diners eat their meals in a completely pitch black room! Guests can make their menu choices before entering the two hour dining experience, or they can opt for a “surprise me” meal where guests are encouraged to use their taste buds to guess what has been brought to them. To make this restaurant even more unique, the entire wait staff at O.Noir is blind. The object of this dining experience is to heighten diner’s senses, as well as give a new perspective on what it would be like to live with visual impairment.

This brings a new meaning to modern cuisine. Courtesy of Wonderful Engineering

2) Robot Restaurant, China

Experience a one of a kind service at Robot Restaurant, a restaurant in Harbin China that has robotic hosts, servers and even cooks who ensure every guest has been attended to. The robots range in height from 4.3 to 5.25ft and can display more than 10 facial expressions and say basic welcoming lines to diners. Guests can even watch the robot chefs prepare their meals, making this experience even more exciting. Apparently the robots can work continuously for five hours after a two-hour charge, and even pop off for a “meal” after the busy times of the day (aka electricity).

Prepare to have your world shaken up at this unique joint. Courtesy of Oddity Central

3) Disaster Café, Spain

Although we hope that you’ve never experienced a disaster of any sort first-hand, The Disaster Café offers an artificial earth-shattering experience for its guests. This café simulates a 7.8 magnitude earthquake… while you’re eating your meal! This restaurant is perfect for thrill seekers and it uses the element of surprise to keep guests on the edge of their seat since there is no warning when the earthquake will strike. Buckle up!

Barbarism meal at NG. Courtesy of Hospitality Market Place

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4) NG, Tel Aviv

Say goodbye to table etiquette when you head to NG in Tel Aviv. On selected nights, this restaurant encourages guests to grab a horned helmet and mug and barbarically get their nom on. This even means ditching the plates and cutlery and hacking at whole meats such as roasted duck and suckling pig with a cleaver before going in with your hands and devouring in primal fashion.

Dinner with a view. Courtesy of Dinner in the Sky

5) Dinner in the Sky, 27 Countries

It would be hard to ignore your fear of heights if you ever dared to dine at Dinner in the Sky where, you guessed it, diners are transported 150 feet in the air! Here, twenty two guests and three waiters are suspended by a crew of professionals in order to enjoy up to eight hours of fine dining in the sky. This restaurant can go anywhere where there is a securable surface of 500 square meters. Be prepared to fork out the dollars, however, as this epic dinner adventure will cost you upwards of $300 a person.

Who needs a barbeque when you’ve got a volcano? Courtesy of Rough Guides

6) El Diablo, Spain

Curious to try a new cooking method? Well, you can get a taste of foods cooked over a live volcanic hole in the ground in Lanzarote, an island in Spain. This restaurant built a giant grill over the hole to cook large amounts of food at the same time for their guests. Get a taste of succulent meats and flavorful veggies cooked by mother nature herself!

No one can guess where it’ll be next! Courtesy of Bitten by the Travel Bug

7) Zingara Cucina, Melbourne

You’ll have a hard time trying to figure out what to wear to Zingara Cucina because this restaurant has no fixed address and frequently changes location! From car parks to laneways, bridges and galleries, this unique fine dining experience likes to push the envelope when it comes to obscure locations. It originally started as an experience in Melbourne around three years ago but has become permanent in the city, often working with a variety of culinary professionals. Hopefully you fare well with surprises!

We love how this restaurant encourages children that they can do anything! Courtesy of Restaurant Online Reservations

8) Kinderkookkafe, Amsterdam

Mini Masterchefs dominate this kitchen in Amsterdam… and we’re not just talking beginners! Adorably doing business since 1981, children under twelve serve and tally the bill at this restaurant (with a little bit of help from adult advisors). Not surprisingly, this spot is actually attached to a daycare center so guests tend to be the children’s parents, however, all are welcome to get a taste of traditional Dutch cuisine in this heartwarming establishment.

Imagine Cirque du Soliel… with food included! Courtesy of Quirky Travel

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9) Circus, London

Patrons get dinner and a show at Circus, a big-top themed eatery. In addition to a menu complete with delicious Pan Asian cuisine, this restaurant offers spontaneous performances every night. These performances are meant to be kept top-secret in order to maintain the element of surprise for future guests. However, our sources tell us there might be a bit of acrobatics, clowning and juggling involved.

Better get practicing! Courtesy of Tripadvisor

10) Signs, Toronto

You can expand your knowledge and satisfy your taste buds at this one of a kind establishment in Toronto. The first hearing-impaired restaurant of its kind in Canada, Signs requires you to order your meal in sign language. Don’t stress if you don’t know your stuff- guests get to use a cheat sheet and helpful graphics within the menu to order their meal and drinks without speaking. The staff, which is all deaf, can also help you out along the way and help correct your ASL.

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